Sell diamonds for cash – its never been this simple!

Now it’s simple and easy to sell diamonds for cash. Romain Diamonds gives you the opportunity to do business with a trusted, family name in the industry. As diamond dealers for the past 25 years, we have the experience and reputation to offer you a comfortable environment in which to trade.

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4 simple steps to sell diamonds

  1. Provide us with the details of your diamond (Please include any supporting documentation that you may have. Eg: Laboratory Certificate).
  2. We will assess all of the details and quote an estimate price (Note that we may have to  request more information or in some cases actually see the diamond before estimating value)
  3. Once an agreement has been reached, we will arrange payment
  4. You will need to provide us with a copy of your ID or Drivers licence as well as complete our purchase declaration form in accordance with SAPS Stolen Goods ACT.


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Sell diamonds to affiliated diamond dealers

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with a member of both the esteemed Diamond Dealers Club and Jewellery Council of South Africa. This means that we simply cannot make mistakes.


Where to sell diamonds?

Romain Diamonds is based in Cape Town but we do operate throughout the country. If you are in Cape Town, it will be as easy as setting up a time to see us. If you are in other parts of the country, we can simply set up a time when we are next in your region. Alternatively, enquire about our agreement with EGL South Africa where we facilitate the purchase with no risk to you.

What diamonds do we buy?

We will only look at diamonds which meet the following criteria:

The diamonds are cut and polished

The diamonds are legally in your possession

 EACH diamond is over 0.50Cts

We DO NOT buy black diamonds



Why sell diamonds? 

Whether you are getting divorced and have no more use for your engagement ring or you just need a little extra money for a while, your diamonds hold value. We have bought diamonds which have allowed our clients to go on dream holidays, put a deposit down on a house or even assist with life support.