The Process Could Not Be Easier

Its Easy When Dealing With Specialists

Simply capture your diamond details and we will calculate a price for you. We buy diamonds outright, cash in your account immediately!

Do you have loose diamonds that you are looking to sell? How about a valuable stone fixed in a piece of jewellery? Get the best price for your loose diamonds and diamond jewellery. Selling diamonds can be a very daunting task, you need to feel comfortable and secure. Allow our expertise and experience to help you sell your diamonds for the best prices in South Africa

We have been in the diamond business for over 25 years and travelled extensively all over the world buying and selling diamonds. We offer a professional service with complete security and utmost discretion.

Selling a diamond is a big decision, and you would want to get the best price possible. You may have already taken your loose diamonds or diamond jewellery into a pawn shop or a local jewellery store to try and sell your diamonds but with us, you get a simple and easy process as explained above. Now you know how to sell diamonds.